Start maximizing your performance with easy and simple nutrition

A 10-week summer program designed for competitive soccer players that want to fuel their body properly, feel confident on/off the field, and gain a competitive edge using simple and intuitive nutrition.

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This summer program is for soccer players who want to:


  • Confidently build their own individualized fueling plan that sets their fueling foundation
  • Fuel to become a stronger, more fierce, and more powerful player on the field
  • Eliminate confusion and frustration by following science-backed information specialized for soccer players
  • Learn how to fuel before and after training to maximize their energy levels
  • Confidently navigate fuel on practice vs game days
  • No longer have to guess what to eat before a big game
  • Be free from guilt for giving their body the nutrients it needs
  • Learn what it takes at the highest level with guidance from a former Division I soccer player

What Do Athletes Think?


“I had never really dug into nutrition and fueling education before working with Reilly.

She helped me gain more confidence on and off the field, especially prepping for summer tournaments. I would definitely recommend her because she took my game to a new level. Thank you so much!!!"

– BM

Division 1 bound athlete

* To protect BM privacy, a stock photo was used. 

"Working with Reilly is the best investment I have ever made in my playing career. Through our work together, I have stopped counting calories, stopped being hungry all of the time and for the first time (after 20 years of playing) I finally love my body".

- PC

Professional Athlete

Are You Ready to Meet Your Goals?

If you have no idea how to fuel your body like a soccer player, I am here to show you. My proven performance approach uses simple and easy sports nutrition to help you feel your best on and off the field.

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What's Included this Summer?


6 Live Q&A Sessions

Have a question that you’re afraid to ask someone else? Don’t worry. Six times throughout the course, I host a live member only 60-minute Q&A call to answer your questions.

5+ hours of Video

You'll have access to my performance plate method that has helped hundreds of soccer players. This is the framework that has guided many soccer players to success in my 1:1 program - worth over $1900.

Community Support & Check-ins 

Accountability and coaching are important pillars in this program. By having access to weekly check-ins and a community of other soccer players, you'll be held accountable to fuel properly and meet your goals.

20+ Educational Module

From pre-workout nutrition to travel nutrition to building your grocery list, this program is designed to help soccer players just like you succeed!

12+ Handouts & Worksheets

A variety of handouts you can print out to take with you to tournaments or the grocery store.

Soccer Specific Education

As a retired college and current semi-pro soccer player, I know what it takes to succeed on the field. This program includes everything that I wish I had throughout my club and high school time to help you learn and succeed!

 "I am so happy and glad to have broken out from my previous beliefs around my eating habits and mentality. 

I am healthier, stronger and more energetic and I am so excited to see how I will be performing during this upcoming season. To add to that, I was able to enjoy my summer and my time with friends by going out and not feeling guilty about what I was consuming (it took a bit of time at the beginning, but it finally worked). And to this I say, goodbye My Fitness Pal and measuring food on a scale. 

I think my takeaway message would be that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like as long as you’re performing at your outmost best and feeling strong and empowered. Food is not the enemy, but a tool to help achieve your goals. It should complement the effort you’re putting into the sport and not be a factor of anxiety. It is never too late to change things and most importantly not to give up during that period because it might take some time to fully heal.  I am forever grateful for Reilly’s support and guidance!"

- KR

Semi-pro athlete

* To protect KR privacy, a stock photo was used. 

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Meet Your Nutrition Coach!


Hi! I’m Reilly, I help soccer players feel and perform their best on the field with easy and simple sports nutrition.

I have played the game for over 20+ years and have competed at the highest level with some of the best players in the world. I competed at NC State for 4 years and was captain my junior and senior years.

After graduating and playing semi-professional, I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to helping soccer players like you. I completed the dual master's program (MS in Excercise Science and MS in Nutrition Science) at San Diego State University and went on to become a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

I have helped hundreds of soccer players reach their goals whether that is signing with the college you love, reaching the national championship, or signing with a pro team.


The Performance Plate method has helped soccer players in the

Check out these soccer player successes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Working with Reilly was honestly perfect. Before working with her, I had such a bad body image, insecurities, and how greatly affected all areas of my performance. I always wanted to keep changing my body and hold in all my feelings. I ultimately lost my period and almost everything else that came with it. 

I felt like I could be super vulnerable with Reilly and I decided I was going to take a leap of faith to increase my energy intake to get my period back. Initially, it was so hard. There were lots of moments of happiness and sadness, but it feels so good on the other side. It wasn’t just my athletic performance that improved, my overall quality of life significantly improved. I had the energy to invest in all the other things I loved as well as invest in myself because I began to love myself.”

- KM

Division 1 bound athlete

Do you want to optimize your nutrition this summer to maximize your performance on and off the field?

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